Saturday, October 9, 2010

AT&T You Suck

Oh AT&T I was so delighted
A new small business
Who wouldn't be excited
Two phone lines you said
And the internet too
What you said- 
I said
And now?
And now -
A big f#%& you!
(To me)
It's been a year and a half now
On my third sucky plan
To change anything is impossible
I'd be better off talking through a can
Never any managers
Or history of my calls
Telling me that I have a great plan
You people sure have balls
So maybe you won't talk to me
Passing me around for over an hour
So here's my little present to you
With your great big telephone towers
Every month I write a check to you
With a look of disdain on my face
That's my hard earned money 
You pieces of s$%&!
Do you know how many cookies I have to make?!!
To pay for no customer service
(That one really pisses me off)
And a plan that I hate
But have no way to change 
Because there's never a boss
So thank you AT&T
For all that you've done
This is my way of repaying you
And it sure has been fun


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Paula & Robert of Farriss Farm. We'll be joining you as vendors at the WPB Green Market so we've been looking at our neighbor's websites.

Your poem about AT&T expresses our sentiments perfectly! We have had the same experiences, and all have gone unresolved.

Until small businesses come together to fight these corporate giants, they will continue to take advantage of us. Beware of signing any contracts with AT&'ll be sorry in the end.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. I am not a small business, but I have had the exact same experience with this infuriating company. Hate them. Paula and Robert have the right idea!

Anonymous said...

I agree about AT&T. I expect to drop their dsl in the near future. They really are not the only company out there! They are trying to regain their monopoly... one company at a time. I HATE AT&T! With some of the new technology I will not need them for work either in the near future. Can't Wait to sock it to them! Joan