Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Travel Coffee Mugs and Other Things

I do not like travel mugs.  I don't like the way coffee tastes out of them.  It takes on a very uncoffee like flavor that takes away half of the reason for drinking it.  But I really like the way my husband looks at me as I walk out every morning, 3 bags loaded down with far too much crap, a purse, car keys dangling, and a coffee cup filled to the brim covered in saran wrap.

I do not like gummy candy.  I don't like the way it gets all stuck in your teeth.  I just like to watch other people eat it, especially kids.  They're smiling away, whole bears stuck between their teeth.  Oh, to be innocent.

I do not like fake salt or fake cheese or fake people.  Fake meat I can do.  Fake animals are good if you are going on vacation and you don't have anyone to watch them.

I do not like all those quizzes people take on Facebook.  Can't we make just a seperate quiz page for all of the quiz takers?  That way they can discuss amongst themselves the truth to the fact that yes, purple is the exact color they thought they were all along.  Or yes, they always had fashioned themselves a Charlie's Angel even if everyone else was thinking Ninja Turtle.

I do like some things.
I like cake scraps.  Sometimes I make cakes just to eat the scraps.
I like puma sneakers.  They make me feel cool yet comfortable.
I like to barbeque.  I like the way it smells.  It reminds me of families.
I like to watch The Office.  It makes me feel like a way better boss.
I like to make cakes.  They make people happy.
I like to puppysit and babysit and housesit.  It makes me appreciate what I have.
And I like to blog.  It makes people laugh and smile.  But mostly it makes me a little less crazy inside.


Heather said...

If you would blog every single day, and leave me scraps of cake every single day, I would be the mostest happiest person everest.

Ok, I'll be still happiest to read your blog whenever you post.

And that monkey? How freakin' cute is he?

Jennifer said...

Thank you-that is very sweet. I so wish I could blog more but the cake scraps have me cornered right now!

Heather said...

Jennifer.....ooooooh JEEEENnifer! We miss you!

What did you bake this week that I didn't get any of?

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